Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Case for Old Time Passion

The offerings at the local cineplexes disappointed me this week (well, that and a course foiled my regular filmatic outing) and so I chose instead to indulge in the “classics”, one I had procured only days earlier: Don Juan de Marco.

It’s an oldie (featuring a 21 year old (?) Johnny Depp), but a definite goodie. How can it not be, with power-thesps Depp, a beefy Marlon Brando and the cheekbones of Faye Dunaway in the leads?

Yup, it’s all about the actors, though the plot is lots of fun as well. Don Juan de Marco recounts the story of a 20th century… well, Don Juan, and his tale of love and woe. The tale itself is deliciously silly and romantic, but the effect on the characters of Brando and Dunaway, igniting their retiring passions, is the most delightful to see. Not that there is a huge amount of depth given to the romantic renaissance, but the brief moments we do get to see are wonderful.

There is not a huge amount of depth as it is not really that kind of film, and it’s not that long a movie either. But, even about ten years after seeing it for the first time and finding myself enraptured, I was still delighted by the movie, even if the ending did seem a bit weak to my aged and jaded sensibilities.

Verdict: Don Juan de Marco runs away with my romantic side every time. 4 kisses out of 5.


Morgan Davie said...

*Still* my theme movie, that one.

Off-Black said...

I was labelled Don juan the *something* by Jarratt, but I never found out what.