Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Case for Gilmorisms

Any of you who know my music collection will know I have very little shame. So it is about time that I finally announce that, yes, I am now addicted to the
Gilmore Girls. The lovely S got me started, JudgeNot encouraged me, and now I have that damned Carol King opening theme song on "continuous playback" in my brain (as it has been for the past few hours), and it is torturing me into revealing my unexpressed addiction.

And why should I not? Last night, with the final few episodes of season two, I experienced some truly wonderful moments of pop cultural referencing and the truly bizarre: the whole "Oi with the poodles" exchange; the disturbing, yet usable, "I am so lonely that not even Animal Planet does it for me anymore"; and of course, another one from Kurt, his short filmatic debut (brilliant).

Of course, it can't all be brilliant dialogue featuring an eclectic blend of non-sequiturs and biting rebuttals, but the writing makes the more... melodramatic bits worth it. In other words, while the show makes no ground when it comes to plot development, it definitely breaks ground when it comes to the number of times British television shows and alternative rock groups can be mentioned in what is an otherwise mainstream television drama.

Do I sound like I am trying to justify myself? Yes, I think I do. Well, I shall stop it as there is really nothing to feel apologetic for. The show is damned good. Now, if only I can get that theme song out of my mind...

Verdict: Wonderful writing makes Gilmore Girls a brilliant show. Strange to think I am closer to Lorelai in age than Rory though... 4 pots of strong coffee out of 5.

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Not Kate said...

Marty actually finally found series 7 at a video shop (though you have to hire the DVDs separately).

Having watched through to the end of Series 6, I have found other joy in watching Series 1 of 'Brothers and Sisters' which I missed when it was on TV. It's cute.

And currently we are watching 'Big Love', which I also missed.

Love serieseses on DVDs!