Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Case for Japanese Thoughts

Well, I was originally thinking of putting a fairly hotch potch posting up today, but I shall delay that considering the news from Japan.

Big thanks to Stratos for providing Al Jazeera coverage, superior to anything on TVNZ or TV3.

I am sure everyone's thoughts are with the Japanese and those other Pacific nations affected by the tsunami. It just doesn't seem fair, somehow.

Verdict: This is going down as a definite annus horribilis. 50 days out of 365.


missrabbitty said...

is it too soon to fix your spelling?

missrabbitty said...

i've been fighting this for a week now...but i have to...i just have to...
hotch potch
there, i did it (i am compelled's my spelling issue)

R said...

Done - and thanks; I wasn't aware it was done the other way. :)

missrabbitty said...

and that's a whole 'nother topic!