Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Case for Kiddie Nostalgia - Part 4

Right, now that I am up to number 10, I felt the need to devote this entry to a TVNZ institution of the past. This show is actually still on television right now, but (and perhaps this is just a sign of my changing demographic) it is now but a pale shadow of its former glory.

10. What Now

Despite a revival five years ago when Shavaughn Ruakere, Jason Faafoi and Anthony Daniels took the helm and brought back a sense of insanity that adults could share (rather than just gunging everything in sight), What Now? was a viewing institution in my youth, in particular the Simon, Catherine and Michelle days. Those were the days where the team mercilessly lampooned TV series of the time, and where the team obviously really enjoyed working together. Simon Barnett was the cool guy, in a not-afraid-to-make-a-tit of himself attitude, and wasn't intimidated by the fact he was surrounded by the razor sharp wit of Michelle A'Court and the obvious intelligence of Catherine McPherson. Together, they were a great combination and made getting up early Saturday mornings totally worthwhile.

I do not think that I could credit my love of lampooning on this show, but I can definitely say that this show contributed to my appreciation of the art.

DVD: Not sure if this would really fare well on DVD, though the 20 year anniversary special of What Now? (hosted by the aforementioned Shav, Jason and Anthony) was a triumph of the retrospective - even bringing back Danny Watson and Steve Parr briefly - and a fitting tribute to childhood memories.

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Not Kate said...

Michelle is one of the top five Levin exports ever! She went to my primary and high schools. Her, Carlos Spencer and Darren Hughes.....