Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Case for Weird Movie Titles

Black Snake Moan this week. Hmnnn. How to describe this movie? And how to prove it?

Cool: Samuel L Jackson plays a Southern man with a chip on his shoulder, a plethora of uses for the F word, and a healthy dose of religious ferver.

Fun: Christina Ricci shows up as a woman of lose morals and looser clothing.

Dirty: One of the raunchiest “jazz jamming” sessions I have ever scene. Also one of the sweatiest. But still, everyone behaves themselves like good Christians.

Sweet: Samuel L Jackson is a humble object of lust for many of the townsfolk, and there is even a lovely picnic in there…

Surprising: Justin Timberlake shows up. And is good. Well, acceptable.

Amusing: Christina Ricci. In chains. What looks degrading (and actually is, I have to admit) makes some sense in the movie. Kind of.

Baffling: An interesting story, but a bit all over the place. Not helped by a very slow beginning.

The Title: Not explained terrible well in the movie. Perhaps, like Snakes on a Plane, the reason why Samuel L Jackson decided to do the movie?

Verdict: An interesting movie, but I would only recommend it to a select group of people. More a sign than a moan; 5 decibels out of 10.

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