Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Case for Change

I hope you like the new look, thanks to the NotKate. Let me know what you think.

As to other changes - well, Die Hard 4.0 was last night's movie, and while some things may change (an action film like Die Hard 4.0 had a rating of M whereas the romantic comedy Knocked Up was an R16), Die Hard 4.0 was just the same as its predecessors. It was big, it was brash, it was dumb. It was lots of fun.

The Eurotrash villains weren't quite as much fun as villains past (Alan Rickman still reigns supreme), and the superbaddy wasn't even European at all (and spoke with his jaw clenched and eyes flared for the entire movie). But the action was suitably thrilling yet preposterous (the legendary car v helicopter scene; the less well known truck v fighter scene [see Off-Black's site (21 Aug 07) for some "real life" comparison videos]), and of course logic went out the window (people drive at 100mph in the city but slow to 30mph when on the open road; all the computer knowledge of the modern age fits quite comfortably on a small laptop).

Despite its many, many leaps of illogic in plot and stunts, the performances are all great, with Bruce Willis the tough yet humble cop we know and love, Justin Long is at his stuttering, geeky best and Cliff Curtis shows up as well. A long film, but a fun one nonetheless. See it at the cinema if you can, as I am sure the small scene will make its stupidity all the more obvious - and a lot less fun.

Verdict: Live free or Die Hard, or see this film and have some dumb fun for 2.5 hours


Not Kate said...

Lovely. I'm going to do you another better version that's a bit narrower (so it doesn't hang over the right of the page) and has your sub-title on it.

kiwilauren said...

I think it looks great! This was the one I liked the best from Kate's post the other day. Good choice! :o)