Wednesday, April 11, 2007

High Treason

Halfway between Gisborne and Wairoa is a small thermal park at Morere. Here, people from around the country and around the world relax while soaking in warm water, and discover more about themselves and, if desirous of conversation, about the others around them. It was an unbelievably amazing way to spend Easter Sunday.

However, it was a very bad day in the annals of my patriotism. Yes, I was a very bad ambassador for Wellington, it has to be said. Some young Czech lads began a friendly discussion and asked me about the merits of New Zealand and the Capital in particular. And while I do sincerely believe that Wellington is an amazing place and one of the most beautiful cities on the planet (or at least, of the ones I have visited), I am also not the biggest fan of its weather. And, whenever I am asked about the climate of Wellington, my honesty can be brutal.

My travelling companions were suitably affronted by my attitude and admonished my negativity. And rightly so. But, while I regret that I was so negative, I feel quite justified in slagging off Wellington's weather. While we had a wonderful few months this year, in general the past few years has seen fairly routinely unstable weather, mostly erring on the side of four seasons in one day, the majority seasonal stakeholder being winter. I am a fan of non-stop sun, so such inconsistency sticks in my mind as a horrendous bore, and leaves a bitter taste in my memory that washes over the few bright spots that probably did occur.

And so, yes, I apologise to all Wellingtonians. I am a shocking ambassador for this wonderful city. And I will try not to do it again. Though I probably will anyway...

Verdict: Guilty as sin


Andrew said...

Wellington is a great city that should be relocated wholesale. I vote for the Heretaunga Plains. Hastings isn't nearly so deserving.

Anonymous said...

Nobody disputes that Wellington weather could be improved upon. However, (note the comma there) statements such as "the one fine day we have had this summer" are blatantly untrue, as evidenced by your tan, and the fact that I have seen you soaking up the sun on many occasions in the last few months.

The defense rests. :)

Anonymous said...

I finally checked your blog out and now can say welcome to the blogosphere!

I think I can safely say that the two hottest weeks this summer were the weeks we had to keep our cat inside with all the doors and windows closed so she didn't leave having only just arrived.

Also the hottest week of summer 2005 started just after we moved into a small flat with a skylight that turned our flat into a greenhouse when the sun came in, so clearly the recipe for good weather in Wellington is for me to hole myself up into a greenhouse forever.

I'm not sure I really want that sort of amazing power :-/

Anonymous said...

Yep, the weather in Wellington is appalling. I'm still shocked by the wind everytime I go home. And I spent 26 years with it!

Having said that, I made a mental note to myself is March not to go home in summer as Welly is way too lovely. Well, lovely notwithstanding the perpetual wind.

Some czech lads eh ;)

Not Kate said...

If it was sunny EVERYBODY would want to live here. And we'd become like any other city.

Or hardiness is part of our charm as a people.

Those who seek the easier things in life (sun, warmth, the ability to dress for one type of weather on any given day)..... they live in places like Hawkes Bay, Auckland and Brisbane.

I'm sure if you breed a few generations of people in Wellington they'll start to evolutionise and get used to the weather..... and life here for them will be perfect. My problem was that my father relocated me from my homeland (he being a Hutt boy) and I grew up in balmy Levin..... We had no wind there! My children will develop thicker skin and squintier eyes to better deal with the swirling debris...

2treesandahorse said...

Your honour,

Wellington! So glad to be away and view it from a far, in the brightness of imagination and not the harsh light (or wind) of reality.

Mrs trees has found memories of holding onto lampposts so as not to be blown over. SO when I talk to people here, I have the right to mention the weather in Wellington, because it is bad. The defence is just stating the truth, if visitors arrive and you’ve “big up’ed” the place they would be disappointed if it rained/wind etc. But your honour, if people are aware of said weather, their expectations can only be exceeded. In my humble opinion the defence did the right thing.

I would like to relate an experience from London. I met a guy in a pub here (the captains cabin), he’s a friend of a friend, he worked in welly, at Weta none the less, and we spent an evening drinking and pulling apart my old home town. We pretty much view it the same. Nice pace, heaps to do, shit weather, no insulation or proper heating.

Now I would like to point out though, that the level of antagonising towards the weather is duly proportional to the amount of time you have lived in the city, subject to it whims. So the defence, who has spent a lot of time living in Wellington and is bitter about the whole thing, is right to pass his information on to others who need it, just not so viciously, his crime is one of passion not malice.

Compare this then, to this “pub” guy, who was there 2 years and only slightly riled about the weather, while not as grossly out of proportion as the defence, he was affected enough by it, to make it a point of disfavour to the area, he still felt compelled to mention how bad it was. No malice, just fact. I myself wish to see this information being included on the tourisms board home page to actually help the tourist enjoy the city. As I have already stated the visitor’s expectations need to be exceeded.

Can I also point out then after two years his only other comment was, and I quote,

“Where were all the pretty ladies? The lesbians looked better than the straight girls. And there were no girls aged between 18-30 available, they seem to have all pissed off overseas. And if they are available, they are all sad, frumpy and ugly”

Now that’s harsh your honour!

I rest my case!