Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Case for Tencious 2

I went to Tenacious D in concert a couple of weeks ago, having last seen them 10 years ago.  After about an hour's warm up acts (an okay comedian, followed by an incredible one man band called Sasquatch dressed up as, well, a Sasquatch), the dynamic duo came out about 9.30pm and started belting out their acoustic hits.  Jack Black is an incredible vocalist, and their incredible skills on the guitar were impressive as well, though they stuck rigidly to their routine and, while amusing and entertaining, completely ignored any heckling or comments from the audience which I found surprising.  At one stage, someone threw a pink pair of bloomers up on stage and some females in the audience urged the duo to pick the pair up, a recommendation which they assiduously ignored.  That didn't stop the encouragement though, which got really irritating after a while - eventually, some other audience members scowled and shot "just give up" daggers at them.

Also amusing/irritating was one guy who was so into the music he was standing up and clapping away the whole time.  As we weren't sitting behind him, it wasn't a huge problem for us, but it can't have been thrilled for those on the other side of the Opera.  He kept turning towards the back and encouraging people to clap and got really into the songs, though after a little while it looked like he was more interested in being the centre of attention than of letting people see the band.  Eventually, those next to him seemed to abandon him before the end, about 6 empty seats visible beside him that were not vacant at the start of the show.

The funniest audience member (well, up in the gods with us; some people tried to rush the stage keeping the guards busy, though I only saw one of them, inferring there were others by the way people in front of us kept standing up to take a look) was in the row in front of us who was flanked by his parents.  It looked like his Dad had introduced this young lad to this music, with both of them pretty into it, while the Mum sat on the other side a little bewildered when all the swearing and references to the act were made.  However, when the boy (well, young man) went away during a song about moving home to live with the parents to pursue an artisitic dream, the Mum and Dad exchanged meaningful looks which cracked both Maria and myself up.  I needed a little distraction as there was a guy in between the guys and me who had big hair, and so who obscured my view most of the show, though he either didn't like the act or was feeling queasy as he went away regularly and missed the final song and "encore" round altogether, which suited me.  Though I was impressed by his do.

Verdict: Tenacious D provided an incredible performance, full of energy and enthusiasm, and were completely professional throughout.  It seems a bit mean then to say that their lack of interaction with the audience made the concert a little... flat, but that is a very minor gripe.  Tenacious to the D.  4 picks of destiny out of 5.

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