Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Case for Lips 2011

Once again, I attended one of the Rocky Horror Picture Show screenings at the Embassy Cinema in Wellington.  

This year, I took along a newbie to the cinema experience scene, so we went to the Saturday screening in civilian attire.  It is perhaps one of the few times in Wellington that I felt conspicuous in jeans and a shirt, though at least this year I did not earn the disdain of the lead usherette.

Even with the event running 30 minutes behind schedule, it was another case of staying (relatively) sane inside of sanity, with the packed movie hall shuddering as everyone took a jump to the left.  The audience was respectful of the screen by throwing all the rice, paper and toast everywhere else, and it was an amazingly  friendly and fun atmosphere.  Some of the judging decisions around the costume prize was questionable, but, as they say at the rugby, the movie was the winner on the night - and hopefully the cleaners got a bit of a bonus too:

Verdict: Another awesome screening of the Rocky Horror Picture Show.  I am already looking forward to going in 2012.  I was thrilled, chilled and fulfilled.  4.5 creatures of the night out of 5 (subtracting 0.5 for my own lack of costume).

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Kiwi in Zurich said...

Any chance or you getting into costume next year judge? What about going as Rocky?