Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Case for DCM 2011

The final book fair of the Wellington season came early this year.

It also came with the usual trimmings: a bit of rain, a milling herd of rabid Wellington book fiends, a man with a microphone calling out directions and telling people to switch their cell phones on (honestly), and then, once through the long lines, it was time for a hot drink and a catch up with other hardy souls that had braved and survived the experience.

As per usual though, a few photos of the event.

Verdict: I actually ended up getting quite a few books at the Downtown Community Ministry book fair this year.  Sure, it was at times a bit too overwhelming, and Microphone Man was expected but never really that welcome.  Still, I have enough books to last me until the book fair season starts up in 2012, and that's the most important thing.  6.5 bags of books out of 10.

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