Friday, September 10, 2010

The Case for Anti Craze

Well, I have been travelling a bit and will write a few posts about that, but on my trip down from Auckland, I experienced the new Air New Zealand safety video that features the All Blacks - click on the link to see the "Crazy about Rugby" ad on YouTube.

After about 30 hours of travel and several inflight safety presentations, I have to say I was not thrilled to have one lasting longer than some flights and featuring a multitude of cringe worthy rugby puns. I did like the tongue in cheek "naked" version, but I think my AllBlackometer is still a bit overloaded after the deluge of Rexona and Powerade commercials and so I was over the whole thing after the first minute.

But I am probably in the minority, as this link kind of shows.

Verdict: I really don't make a particularly good Kiwi, I have to admit, as I have to rate this particular advertisement lowly. It's not because it does not have a sense of humour, as the advertisement does. It's not because I am suffering from a bit of cultural cringe - well, perhaps a little bit. But really, I am rating this lowly because I am getting tired of the All Blacks dominating everything in the country. Here's just hoping they dominate the actual World Cup as comprehensively. 2 emergency slides out of 5.


missrabbitty said...

that blonde trolley dolly dude is fabulous...he's my favourite.

Kiwi in Zurich said...

it is funny. i don't really know any of them, except that Grahame guy (I think). but the humour and delivery would have been improved immeasurably if the All Black had also 'air kissed' the male trolley dolly. that would have been funny!

missrabbitty said...

and he'd have loved that

Off-Black said...

I also am sick of the AB's omnipresence. And the World Cup is still a whole year away. Remember when they just played rugby?