Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Case for Parade Lost

Out in town for a 9th 25th, the NotKate and I decided to go to have a drink at the Parade Cafe. Much to my shock, we discovered the following sign posted to the cafe building:

Upon closer inspection, it looks like another institution has been closed.

Well, relocated. But still, Parade Cafe was my favourite spot on Lambton Quay - inside anyway. The inside may have been cramped and getting to the counter when there was more than one person in the queue or trying to look at the menu was an act in gymnastics, but, when you could find a seat either inside or outside, it was a wonderful place to sit and watch the world go by, or just natter, and it was one of the places on my "things to do in Wellington" list. And the food was great too.

Not so sure how much I will like it across the road, but perhaps I shouldn't be too quick to get too upset. But for now, I will mark the passing of another landmark. Perhaps later, I will mourn.

Verdict: I really liked this cafe - where it was too. Shame that things change. 2 coffees out of 5.

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