Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Case for Foreign Signage 1

Quiet as I have been the last wee while, I have none the less been very judgemental. Below are some images that struck me on my recent travels:

1. Santiago Aiport: Either very clever or not quite right.

2. Lima: Less white than I remember them

3. Lima: Everybody wants some Bimbo

4. Cuzco: The Golden Arches turn black. Showing their true colours perhaps?

4. Cuzco: Selling everything from shoe polish to fruit.

5. Arequipa: Pregnant limbo dancers first.

6. Nazca: Watched over by Jesus, Mary and Dolly

7. Santiago: A whole new concept of a very old idea.

8. Santiago: How happy is this cat?

9. Santiago: Another war criminal flees to South America.

Verdict: Funny what you see when you travel abroad. And boy how I love it. Nine images out of nine.

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Off-Black said...

#9 is the awesomest