Saturday, November 3, 2007

The Case for Aliens 2

A wee while ago now (back in September), I promised to mention a trip to Stonehenge Aotearoa. The image below is actually from their website, and an amazing site it is too.
Nestled in the hills of the Wairarapa, this Antipodean Edifice stands watching the southern skies, observing in its calculating way the passage of the seasons, the months and the years, but sun and by star and by moon.

And by ALIENS.

Yes, this wee New Age, Old Age, Druidical enclave does in fact appear to be home to a nest of the Alien enamoured (or, as we could also call them Extra Terrestrial Collaborators. or ETCs). That is, of course, assuming that any humans involved in the project are actually still conscious and have not had their bodies taken over in a case of intergalactic possession, or are not just mindless automatons controlled by remote telepathy.
The people (ETCs?) who greeted us on our trip to Stonehenge seemed utterly lovely. However, we were not allowed to go and view the site itself as there was a gang of touring bikers there at the same time and they had taken all the places on the tour for that morning. Whenever I hear of one group of people controlling an event to the exclusion of others, I start thinking alien conspiracy.
However, try as they might, those alien entities still give the game away. Perhaps their highly advanced mental faculties have not excluded them from the sin of pride, or else they revel in games of psychological torture by leaving only tantalising clues of their secret existence on our planet, but on the driveway to the stone circle lies this small statue, guarding the entrance way to the alien subether relay station or Intergalatic Petroleum station or whatever Stonehenge Aoteroa might actually be. It appears to be made of stone or concrete, but perhaps this is actually the state of an alien hitchhiker in suspended animation, waiting for the next rocket truck to come along this particular interstellar highway.

Whatever its true insidious nature, it can't help but be unnaturally insidious.

The aliens are out there. And news from Hollywood is that they are making another X-Files film - another sure sign of an alien conspiracy, for those of us who are watching...

Verdict: They get more and more bold as the decades roll by, until finally...

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