Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Case for Order

It's not often I go and see the 5th movie in a series, but Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix was number five of the promised seven, and it really did feel like it was just another number on the way to a final conclusion somewhere in the distant future.

Oh, it captured the main narrative threads of the book to be sure. There was a lot that needed to happen: a first kiss to be shared; a looney tune or two to be intoduced. But in the rush to transfer the most pertinent parts of the book to the screen, it felt like a whole lot of other things have been pushed into the background - like character development. There was barely a breath of Maggie Smith, Emma Thompsons large glasses loomed briefly, and Helena Bonham-Carter made the most of her brief screen time. However, Dolores Umbridge, played as Insanity in Pink, was an amazing character and stole every scene she was in - especially sipping pink tea.

But this is Harry's story to be true, and there was lots of him, and a bit of his friends as well. The special effects were magical, even as the tone of the story gets darker.

So over all, I didn't think of it as highly as some of the earlier instalments, but it did make me very eager to read book number seven and find out how it all works out in the end...

Verdict: Less than 5 out of 7

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Anonymous said...

yeh, probably too much to try and fit into the time they had. it was pretty much action packed and could have gone on 30 minutes longer without having dragged, and then had the aforementioned character development.

but uxbridge was brilliant. sometimes they get characters just perfect. indeed, i think pretty well much across the board, the female characters in harry potter are extremely well casted.