Friday, July 6, 2007

The Case for Ice Skating

Never has the purpose of ice skating been so clear as it is in the film Blades of Glory. The grace, the style, the athleticism, the interpretive dance – and the ease of mocking all of these things.

Into the valley of a Will Ferrell film I wandered, and I feared no evil (though some tedium), and while he was as loud and annoying as ever, the film was funny. Yes, I liked Blades of Glory, as it wallowed in its stupidity and the pomposity of its subject, and the “win at all costs” mentality that dominates competitive sports these days.

There were some truly inspired scenes. My favourites were brief snippets of events past that didn’t even contain the main cast. The video recording of the disastrous first Iron Lotus attempt had me rolling in the aisles (I can be a bit sick at times), while the highlights of the “arch-nemeses” routine that was inspired by the lives of John F Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe were so close to reality (“great use of props”) while being so completely tasteless that the line blurred between reality and satire as my vision blurred with tears of laughter.

And so, obviously, I found another movie I liked. What a great run! With the Wellington Film Festival just around the corner, the promise of less mainstream fare looms. In the meantime though, I will secretly smile to myself as I recall the fire and ice contrasting outfits, the routinely mutilated mascot, and of course John Heder’s hair.

Verdict: A 5.6 out of 6 from the New Zealand Judge

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Not Kate said...

Me and Ange saw that yesterday. Good cheesy fun.

I liked the bit right at the end, during the credits. Where the stalker plays out a conversation with dolls..... where he symbolically gives Chaz his man.... and Chaz ends every sentence with 'BOOM!'

And we liked the bit where Napolean Dynamite guy walks in on the other two and points and says 'IMPURE! IMPURE!' I could imagine myself saying that in similar circumstances. I will try to remember that one for next time I interupt anyone.